I was having a break from my research when I came across this Facebook post from General Santos City where a Grade 5 student knocked on an office door asking if they need somebody to mop the floor or clean anything in the office. When asked why, he told them that he needs to buy stuff for his project. For full Facebook post, click here.

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The netizens were touched by this hardworking boy who wants to be a pilot in the future. Personally, I was moved by his determination to earn money so he can comply with his school requirements. At a young age, he’s already aware of ways he needs to do without depending too much from his parents. Of course, we just want children to enjoy their childhood instead of doing adult things. But like in his case, how can he pass a school requirement if his parents don’t have money to accomplish it?

I salute this boy for being determined and humble enough to go out of his comfort zone at an early age. I can feel his struggle everyday yet, still positive that his education will be fulfilled despite the financial challenges.

When I was younger, I used to do assignments and projects of my classmates so I can have savings – like an emergency fund so that when my mom have nothing to give me, I still have money to go to school and buy me some snack during break. I also used it to buy perfume (aficionado, hehe) because it was a thing during my time and my classmates and friends were also using it. You know, peer pressure. Kakainggit lang. :)

Anyway, this kind of stories inspire me the most. I know the struggle of young ones from underprivileged family as I was once one. I used to go to school without breakfast and baon. In fact, there were times na naliligo ako without sabon or shampoo before going to school. Those were the hard times.

Now, I always pray for my nephews to have a good life and a good childhood. I really don’t want them to experience the struggle I and this boy experienced. I will always be here for them. I am working hard for them as well.

And I will work hard so I can also help other kids achieve their dreams. As a child we always dream of being somebody someday. I hope and I pray that they will not stop dreaming by giving them the chance to achieve what they wanted to be. God bless you Kervy and God bless all the kids who wants to be somebody someday! I will do my part, I promise!

For those who wanted to help, below are the details. They only accept goods and school supplies for Kervy. They will open bank account for the kid so they can already accept money donations. I will keep you posted. 

Chriszel S. Vicente
Charter Ping An Insurance Corp.
Metrobank Bldg, 1st floor. San Miguel Street. 
General Santos City
(0917) 893 7135

Sherry Rose Yan
Charter Ping An Insurance Corp.
Metrobank Bldg, 1st floor. San Miguel Street. 
General Santos City