During my first year in JNJ with my batchmates!


Shall I say, this is it?

Well, it’s an absolute yes. :) After a couple of months of contemplating about leaving JNJ – the most admired pharmaceutical company in the world, after talking about it with my mom and convincing her of my plans, after building two small businesses to start up my road to entrepreneurship, after emotionally and mentally preparing myself from the uncertainties of the future, be it good or bad, and after standing firm of pursuing my ambitious dreams, finally, I already tendered my resignation last May 12.

Yes, I am leaving a company a lot of people dreamt of being a part of. 

It was really a hard decision to make because it seems like I am in an organization that already helped me fulfill my goals. From family responsibilities, job security, financial stability, etc., it leveled up my economic status and seems to make life easier and more fun. I was able to travel to different places, experienced a few luxurious vacations, tried low-budget to expensive restos. I was provided a car that I can use even for personal na lakad, free unlimited data on my iPad, etc. It’s like my sahod is all take home money. We’re well provided by the company that’s why I couldn’t ask for more. And it’s rare to see companies that care for their employees like the way JNJ is to us.

But there are things talaga that you have to give up to pave way for another opportunity especially if it’s your dream that you want to have its way in your life. 

Don’t get me wrong by thinking that I am not contented with what I have. It’s not the point. Well actually though, I also thought about it before – that maybe I am not just contented with all I have. However, I’m pretty sure it’s not. Hehe. I am always grateful with JNJ because I don’t have all of these years before. It’s just that, I am really firm about making my name in the business world.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur since my college days. 

Kaya I am willing to start all over again. If it’s the price to pay, I will whole-heartedly face it. In fact, for the past couple of days, I am already planning my next move because, in around one month, fixed income will never be my thing anymore; though on the bright side, 8-5 job will also not be a thing to me (sometimes, it’s 10-10 haha). Yahoo!!!

Honestly, it makes me quite worried to think how will I then support my parents (they’re my dependent). I wasn’t thinking about myself because I know I can always find a way for myself. Kaya lang sila, they’re not getting any younger. Soon, both of them will be senior citizens. They have maintenance medicines to sustain and of course, they’re more prone to diseases (knock on wood). But for the record, I bought them medicines good for a year. I hope and I pray (really hard) that it’s enough to buy me time to get a momentum for my business so that whatever happens to us (knock on wood, again), I am financially stable already.

On the other side, I am very excited for every tomorrow. Finally, I can do what I want!! Haha. I can start making my ideas a reality. In fact, I have a lot of business ideas that I wanna do since 2015. It was just difficult for me to manage my time. (This made me realized that I am not a multi-tasker, hehe). Pero ngayon, I have all the time. No reasons not to make it.

Also, I have this urge to hire people who are undergraduate and looking for a modest job. Ako naman, makita ko lang yung dedication matuto, I will patiently teach them. If they deserve the job, I will hire them so they can also fulfill their family responsibilities. Honestly, kapag nakikita ko mga kapatid ko at mga kapit-bahay namin na walang trabaho pero gusto magkatrabaho, I always wanted to help them by creating businesses where I can offer them opportunities. I wanted them to feel hopeful that life could be different if they have decent jobs. I don’t want them to be contented with isang kahig, isang tuka’ mentality. I really believe that each person has capabilities yet to discover, maybe not as decorated as others but at least, it can help them improve their lives.

‘Where’s the good in goodbye?’ 

Well, it’s simply in what’s gonna happen after the goodbye. Personally, I am excited with this goodbye. I am positive of all the opportunities to come, especially this time that I am seeking for opportunities based on the dreams I wanted to achieve and based on things that I wanna do.

There is good in goodbye because it opens another door in life. What’s important is how we make it matter. Kaya, hello new door! Here I come!! :)

I am Anthony. Resigned from work. But not resigned to life. (edi wow! haha)