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Before my previous post, it’s been almost five months since my last published blog. Honestly, a lot has already happened between the months I was off of my journal. It wasn’t really good at first. In fact, it felt like I was in a quarter life crisis. It was a long and painful process, especially that I wasn’t with my family. In September, everything was already making sense. It became clearer to me of what I wanna do with my life. Though the plan I wrote in my post late last year (See: Taking a leap of faith) didn’t happen, the experience opened the door for me to start reaching my ambitious dream, to be an entrepreneur.

They say ‘the beginning is always the hardest.’

True enough, it took me two years to finally start creating a business. After my 24th birthday, I started thinking about getting paid for my hobby. I and a friend started reading about setting up a photo booth, creating and buying hand props, watching photoshop demonstrations in youtube, etc. In less than a month, we made it! By December, we got four clients right away. Presently, we already served around 20 clients while at the same time doing our corporate responsibilities. Soon, I know for sure, I can focus more on this venture as I bid goodbye from my job in the corporate world.

It’s so amazing how tireless you become once you’ve done something that you love. I say it to myself repeatedly that work isn’t actually work anymore. To see people smile on my camera actually means a lot in capturing their moments with friends and family. It’s totally a different fulfillment than a 4.0 in performance rating.

But what is more meaningful is that I think I passed the first challenge – to start my first move. It truly feels great to finally gone over that line that separates me from entrepreneurship. I understand that the photo booth business will not really make it so big, however, it’s an achievement for me to finally sell something to people I don’t know.

Goods for households

Last Christmas break, I was researching about products that can be easily done at home – something that is manageable and useful to households. I did this to prepare my family for my supposed resignation last January. I wanted them to be ready because I know that my road outside the corporate world won’t be easy, ultimately for having no fixed income every month. I want them to be independent of me for the mean time while I am making my way through.

Then, I thought about the dishwashing liquids – manageable and useful to households.

People are not really particular with the brand. There are some who even use ‘bareta’ as dishwashers. So I thought, this might be easy to sell. Also, it’s so easy to prepare. We only struggled to find suppliers of raw materials. But after that, all were set. In less than one week, we sold all the 16 liters we made. Thankfully, it’s getting a right response from consumers.

When it seems like the quality of the product is notable, I decided to bring it here in Davao and be a supplier to restos. Since April, we have two regular customers already. I pray that it will pave a way to more, bigger and satisfied customers.


One of the things I planned to accomplish this year was to purchase a van for business. I’ve been thinking about this since 2016 but I can’t find a concrete reason why I wanna buy it. Then come last quarter, I realized what purpose it may serve me eventually with all the plans I’ve been thinking. Right now, it can’t serve its real purpose. But for now, I’ll use it to serve our clients for the photo booth and dishwashing liquids, and for those who wanna rent it as tourist van.

Last April, we were able to acquire the van. Thanks to Toyota Otis for a very smooth and quick transaction! My mom named it ‘Lucky’, claiming that it will give luck to our life as we work harder.

Right now, I’m so excited to focus all my attention on this ventures. I’m so positive of all the developments that can happen along the way. I know we have a lot of potentials to uncover to open for bigger and worthy opportunities. Knowing that all other successful businesses came from small ones makes me hopeful and optimistic that someday we can also make it, just like them.

That’s what keeping me busy for how many months already. I am preparing myself to a journey I have never been before. I am planning for my future that finally, I can say that this is what I wanted to do with my life. That part of my life when I felt lost drove me to find myself. And I have no one else to thank for than our Almighty God. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings, challenges and opportunities. Indeed, there is always purpose in whatever circumstances we are into. Just trust the process.