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Earlier, I went to Tagum City, an hour and a half drive from Davao, to deliver a dishwashing liquid to a friend’s family business. It was raining so hard and thought I might not deliver the goods that time since I already became worried about the condition of the river under the bridge I will pass by going back to Davao. The river used to overflow and thought na baka mastranded ako. Thankfully, the odds were in my favor. I delivered the goods.

But you know, fate has its own ways.

At the most unexpected time, I think I’ve seen a real life ‘rich dad’ right on my very eyes. At the time when I just wanted to leave the place due to the bad weather condition, God has assured me that something important is waiting for me in the ‘tindahan’. Kahit umuulan pa, I decided to get out of the car and see Tita Edith.

It was our first time to meet. She is the mother of a colleague in JNJ. They learned that I was selling dishwashing liquid so they ordered bulk for their ‘manukan’. It was in the center of the wet market where there is so much traffic (I meant, traffic of people that could be the potential customer for their business). I ask, ‘magkano po ang rent nyo dito?’ She told me 31k. I thought it was too expensive but then she assured me that it might be expensive in value but the return is way better than cheaper places.

That moment, I know for sure, she means business!

We were talking for probably more than an hour. Just talking about businesses and giving me bits of advice that perhaps would help me as a startup. She shared with me how light her life is for making money and others work for her – how she spends time doing what she love, how light her schedule is, how she can do other things in her most convenient time. It seems like a life well-lived.

For about an hour, I felt the positivity. She repeatedly told me to just simply shoo away the worries and negativities that might cross my mind. ‘Just do it.’ I can sense that she was very passionate about what she’s been doing. By sharing with me her attitude and mindset towards her business, I felt like a little child being taught about the fundamentals.

Rich dad, in the book, knows pretty well how dreams can be turned into realities. She does, as well. She kept telling me na diskarte lang ang lahat.  And I couldn’t agree more! My hopes were up that I could still make it by doing my own Diskarte. I’m pretty confident because for the past years, I know I’ve been doing a lot of it. (Lightbulb moment: Maybe I was trained for it? hehe.)

Suddenly, I asked myself, why is it so easy to believe her than to the people in coat and tie?

She hasn’t finished college, even born in a financially-challenged family. Yet, drove her way up. She talks about experiences while others talk about what they believe in. She shares advices she learned herself while others share what the book says. She shows her life as a proof while others show others life as a proof. This experience had me thinking that not because they are more professional looking does it mean they know things so well, especially in the field of business. You never know, the ‘rich dad’ that will inspire you wears only shorts and tees.

As what they say, the goal is to be rich, not to look rich.

Thank you, Tita Edith, for inspiring me to do better, for motivating me that I can do it with my perseverance and for reminding me that nothing is impossible with Him.

This shall commence everything! I am way more excited now than ever. :)

PS: Yes, I have my own brand of dishwashing liquid. :)