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Okay, so before I go straight to what I meant by the title, Sohoton Cove is seriously one of the best I’ve seen. Never in my backpacking life when I saw eagles freely living in the wild nor people can ‘mingle’ with jellyfish (though I wasn’t able to do this) nor seen as much islets as possibly exist in one place. As I told myself, the cove is like Chocolate Hills of Bohol submerged in the deep of the edge of the pacific waters. Whenever we pass by the middle of two islets is like entering ‘a gate of heaven on earth’; and simultaneously a louder hums of birds like drum rolls for festive. Nature has never failed to amaze me and always prove that earth is a paradise only taken for granted.

We left Davao City on Saturday night at past 10. We spent the night trying to catch sleep while bending over our seats. For a person like me who cannot easily rest my body while on the road, the 9-hour travel will be a big challenge knowing that after arrival in Claver, Surigao del Norte, we went straight to Barangay Socorro where the whole day Sohoton adventure will start. But to compensate the sleeplessness, nature has dosed me with a lot of adrenaline.


From Claver, we crossed by boat for around 30 minutes to our first stop – Crystal and Bolitas Cave. Stalactites and stalagmites will always be a wonder to me. It’s amusing and at the same time eerie and strange. The Crystal Cave is not huge, though the jellyfish-shaped stalagmite is enough to believe that Sohoton is truly the house of friendly jellyfishes welcoming the people.

I tried to conquer the fear I just discovered with this experience. I do not know if it’s because of darkness or the place, but to be inside a cave makes me feel unwell – especially with the thought of collapsing cave while people are inside. Yet, I still give myself a boost of courage to enter Bolitas Cave where I have to crawl down and endure scratches from a narrow opening going inside. I don’t know why it’s called Bolitas but I guess it’s because of the stone formations that look like Bulitas. As the guide would tell us, the cave is for the single women because of this:


HAHAHAHA. (Credits to owner)

We headed next to Tiktikan and Tiktikan Lagoon. Honestly, it’s not only the islands/destinations that need attention because the sceneries going there is already a bonus. I mean, imagine navigating in the Amazon River just like we see in movies. It’s like that!


Tiktikan Lagoon.



The lagoon, although has a little scenic view, is I guess polluted. Parang mabaho yung tubig. It’s just okay for pictures cos I think no one will ever want to dive on it. On the other side facing the sea, there’s a diving board installed about 20 feet high. It’s for adventure seekers who knows how to swim haha. I did want to jump, however, they don’t allow diving with a vest. It would be fun sana because the clear water is enticing. Plus, the view on top makes me wanna scream ‘I am the greatest!’ LOL.


Springboard in Tiktikan.

After 45 minutes, we went to Marka-a Island where first time I’ve ever seen a clear royal blue water from afar (Most of time kasi it’s blue green because of the white sand and the light of the sun). It’s a small virgin island waiting to be discovered. The pristine water seduces me from taking its photos to plunging into it. And you cannot say no to its invitation.


Apologies if I wasn’t able to capture the clear royal blue from afar. I was instantly mesmerized and… stunned.

Before we have our lunch, we passed by Club Tara. As Su (our tour guide) introduced, it is the most expensive, if not prestigious, resort in Sohoton. Though it’s true, it seems like there’s no beach shore to enjoy the white sand. The ‘ramp’ and the scenery within is actually romantic. The rooms were built facing west. But I won’t spend much for that. Our accommodation is a good choice, I conclude. :)


Club Tara.


Club Tara.

Indeed, just in time for lunch, we checked in at Kanlunes Beach Resort with a very welcoming scenic – coconut trees, long shore, group of islets, ruined boat, white sand, etc – the place worth it of the money we spent to witness the beauty of it. The food (lunch, dinner and breakfast) is decent enough to be shared among the 25 of us. The nippa room air-conditioned at night with toilet inside. There’s karaoke for the singers and wannabe. Wide space to stroll at night and for morning walks and of course, fresh air to cleanse the body from the city life.

That is the half of our day. No sleep, restless body, yet eager to explore the paradise we’ve been hearing from people who have seen it. I am amazed and wowed despite yesterday’s hassle – Only to find out that later that day is the highlight of it all. Yet, frustrating to realize how endangered the cove is from the goings-on nearby.

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Special thanks to:

TOUR EATgao Exploring Southern Philippines

Tour Guide: Suh

Mobile Number: 09953840901

Budget: PHP 3,450.00