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My experience I got in Pearl Farm two weeks ago actually compelled me to have a blog post about it. Why? It feels like a paradise to stay there even for a day. It somehow cleanses my thoughts from negativity and worries of life. The silence, the pristine water and the sunshine simply produces the perfect ambiance for a perfect relaxation (in a luxurious way). No need to imagine what the place looks like. Here are my best shots of the Pearl of Davao Region, Pearl Farm.

  1. Their signature lighthouse. You know you’re in this resort if you see this lighthouse that’s so unique to Pearl Farm because they converted it to one of the best bars in town. You’ll get a better view of the resort and what’s around.DSC_2609DSC_2597
  2. Mandaya Beach. The resort is divided into different villas or area. We were in Mandaya Beach (I think this is the cheapest among all). However, it’s still worth it to have a view of like the one below as I went out to breathe in fresh air in the morning. This is beside the Mandaya Games CenterDSC_2645
  3. Maranao Beach.  Versus the Mandaya Beach, I prefer wading in the seashore of Maranao Beach. It’s less rocky and the water is clearer. And I feel more secure kasi feeling ko if ever malunod ako, mas may sasagip sakin dito than in Mandaya hehehe.
  4. Mushroom Stone in Mandaya Beach. I do not know how to call it but I’ve heard it before that that’s how they call it. The water during high tide reaches that part of the stone. DSC_2641
  5. Infinity Pool. The warm water of the infinity pool with its white light beneath offsets the cool breeze of the night. It’s relaxing for both the mind and the body. I enjoyed it better at night than during day light.
  6. Malipano Island. Now the best part. I could stay in this place from sun rise to sun down. The peacefulness is all over the place with only few people around. The silence is so perfect that you get to reflect to things you wanna think about. For someone like me who always wanted to have time for oneself, it’s a place where we can enjoy our me time and travel our minds to things we can’t imagine in crowd. Basta, ang hirap iexplain. The photos might say it better. DSC_2718DSC_2738
  7. Hammock in Malipano Island. Still in Malipano, get your fresh air while having a good time swinging in a hammock. I bet, you’ll get good nap! :) DSC_2733
  8. Simply, the water. It’s pristine and its clear blue water only entices someone to go plunge into it. Note, the photos in here are not edited and so this one below.
  9. Of course, the sunset. Although I wasn’t able to get a good sunset when I visited due to bad weather at twilight, I still imagine how mesmerizing the sunset could be in this place. DSC_2773Okay, sorry it’s not nine photos. It’s hard to describe Pearl Farm in few shots. HEHE. :)