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…What if the doctor I was waiting until 1PM was already available by 12NN and decided to go to the Mall to eat chaofan and Halo-halo in Chowking, it couldn’t have happened.

…Or what if, although the doctor became available by 1PM, I decided to eat chaofan and halo-halo at Chowking instead of just taking out halo-halo, it couldn’t have happened.

…Or what if, although I took out halo-halo in Chowking, I decided to consume it inside the car while idle at the mall’s parking lot instead of choosing consuming it outside another doctor’s clinic, it couldn’t have happend.

These thoughts were running in my head after the accident happened. I could have believed the clues of my unconcious to do something else before the accident. But at the right timing, at the right place, and at the right phase, I bumped into a trike at the intersection that caused it, together with its driver and passengers, to flipped. Sadly, wrongfully right.

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But thank God that nobody was seriously hurt despite that image above although I have to send them to the hospitals so we can be assured that no serious injury might be unnoticed or occur. I did it out of my conscience because I know that it was me who’s capable to do it at that time despite believing clean hands over the accident. Yet, it’s an accident and as one of the local reporters (Ate Bheng) told me, “Nobody will ever admit mistake in an accident.”

But going back to my thoughts, what if one of the three situations I mentioned actually happened, maybe the trike could have passed by that intersection a little earlier when I arrived. This could not happen.


It was my first time to have been involved in a road accident making it a big deal on my part. I was travelling alone at that time outside Davao. Of course, I was nervous, shocked and frightened especially na baka kuyugin ako ng mga locals from there. Thankfully, they were calm and easy to talk with. I was in the police station for more than five hours without any companion (except when a friend’s mom (hehe) rescued me after all things were set fine). Buti na lang okay kausap mga pulis doon. Thanks to Chief Alsong although mali talaga investigation niya that I was at fault. Grrr. LOL.

Anyway, I was really very grateful that everything was fine after that accident. It made me become more careful and attentive when driving. It’s just sad to know that despite being defensive driver, there are people who are reckless especially those that should be taking extra ‘diligence of a good father’ as public transport drivers. Everybody on the road should be responsible because driving is not a right but a privilege. Nobody should abuse it.