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It was during a team building in a company where I had my internship when I shared to my boss that I was very much thankful for having solid friends I met when I was in secondary school. We know each other so well that despite differences, we chose to stick together for a couple of years now. She told me that indeed, high school friends become the most precious friends in ones life.

We are celebrating our 10 years of true friendship. They say that when a friendship reached its 10th year, it will last forever. This post is for the people who put so much fun in my life. Hashtag MayForever. This is also for your solid friends. Tag them and thank them.

So aside from the number of years you are with them, here are the seven signs that your friends are your solid friends.

Unplanned get-together that seriously went fantastically well. Whatever the purpose of meet ups or catch ups may be, you attend to every invitations that most of the time were unplanned. You didn’t know what will happen but you go because you know, with lots of confidence, that great things will happen. You didn’t know where to go and where to eat and you can’t decide right there because you’ve got overwhelmed seeing each other again kahit kakakita niyo lang kaya puro daldal at tawanan lang nagawa niyo. In fact, nobody really has to set where to meet because you have that meeting place you are used to despite the years that gone by. And you know that 7PM is equivalent to 8 and that’s how things were ever since.

They give advice in an ‘insincere’ way. When they give you pieces of advice, pagtatawanan ka muna nila. Lolokohin. Lalaitin. Kukutyain. After feeling down, they will become serious and sincere. What they say matters to you because you know that’s just how they make you feel comfortable and at ease. They make you realize things in a hilarious way because they want you to getaway with your problem for a short time. In fact, you want them around because you want to unwind and they are your comfort zone. By the way, hindi ka mapipikon kasi ganun ka din sa kanila. :)

They are your harsh reality. Hindi matatapos ang araw na hindi ka nila lalaitin o pagtatawanan. One, because of your OOTD. Two, because of your wrong grammar. Three, because of what you’ve been through. Four, because of a person you passed by kasi siya daw ang destiny mo. Five, because of your katangahan. Six, kasi minsan jejemon ka. They always have something to say about you whether good or bad at any situation of your life. They are honest and they are cruel. Sometimes, it hurts yet you stay with them. Donkey once told Shrek that only true friends can be cruelly honest. Indeed, only true friends can.

Your parents trust your circle more than anybody. They know your circle for the past years and you have their approvals. Kaya kahit umagahin kayo kakagala, you’re not bothered of being grounded. In fact, baka nga wala na sila pakialam sayo basta solid barkada mo ang kasama mo. :) Otherwise, get ready of your explanations. Your friends spend overnight at your house with breakfast prepared by them because they are part of your family. And your parents would know who’s missing in that overnight stay. :)

You share a lot of experiences growing up. And you share and laugh at the same stories over and over again everytime you see each other. You always go back to time when you dance like a pro in your MAPEH dance presentation with matching garbage bag outfit. Or when your classmate stumbled in a marathon during PE class and his acne-prone face got injured kaya tinakpan niya ng hanky face niya at dahil laitero kayo kaya tawang-tawang kayo kasi naawa kayo sa mukha niya. Or when a group in your research class proposed a solar-powered camera but during defense, nakita ng panel na may battery yung camera. Battery-powered pala. All of these and more were still fresh in your minds so you always go back to time when all your innocent selves became your unforgettable memories together.

You can count on them. They are just a text or call away. When one feels blue, they’re on the rescue. They drop what they’re up to at the moment only to be present (kasi kung hindi, ikaw ang paguusapan. HAHA). When one in the group lost his/her job, they will announce job openings in either the company they work at or from other connections. There’s always a little surprise and celebrations on birthdays (kahit walang libre, pero syempre mahiya ka naman kung birthday mo tapos hindi ka manlilibre hehe). Whenever you need help on anything, they are there to help, with pay. :) When one of your friends don’t have budget for a getaway, someone will pay his/her dinner. Pero utang kaya kelangan mo magipon para sa susunod na gala, ikaw naman manglilibre. :) And you know that some of the words here are not true kasi ganito ka sa kanila. :)

Unknowingly, they become your family. At your lowest low, they are with you. At your highest high, they want you to reach heaven. Kidding! :) At any moment of your life, kahit nung pangit ka pa at gusot-gusot pa damit mo, nandian na sila sinasamahan ka. They became family because you’ve been through a lot for the past ten years. Kahit na umalis ka for a while, hindi ka nila iniwan because they know you’ll be back. Kahit nahihiya ka bumalik sa kanila, they didn’t think twice welcoming you back because a day without you isn’t the same anymore (kasi wala silang pagtatawanan, hehe.) But seriously, you’re comfortable being with them similar when your home with family because indeed, they are, as well, family.

PS: To all of my friends, thank you so much for staying with me at times you know that I almost quit. I love you guys, you know that! Cheers to 10 years of friendship!