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When people would ask me what am I getting from climbing up mountains aside from obvious moderate to severe body pains, I would just offer a smile and calmly share with them what am I actually getting from doing it. Truly, it’s a very tiring and physically- and mentally-demanding activity. Along the way, or even a few minutes of trekking, you’ll already feel the numbness in your thighs and legs. What more you’ll get after six to eight hours of battling your body over your mind? (Including traverse)

IMG_3506Last Sunday I decided to devote a time climbing up Mt. Marami in Maragondon, Cavite. It has been my fourth for the year. I started 2015 hiking Pico de Loro in Ternate, Cavite as a jumpstart. The result just gave me more reasons to embrace more about life, including mountaineering and travelling. In fact, it was my springboard to more hiking experiences leading me to end the year at the summit of Mt. Marami.


It was an idea to steal time for myself after a busy year. I wanted to end the year by saying goodbye to the negative things that have happened in 2015. I will not elaborate everything about it here but so you know, it’s more about work and some about relationships. There are just things in life that needs to be freed so we can move on and focus to more important ones.1

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The Group.

I went in this adventure solo. I actually posted an advertisement in Climbers page in Facebook to know if there are groups going for a hike on December 27th. Fortunately, I found a group who’s going for a year-end climb as well. Without hesitations, I joined them and brought with me my real intentions. Doing this, it helped me meet additional mountaineering friends that I know will be the people I can contact to whenever I wanna join another hike (which definitely will be the case because I seriously wanted to conquer more mountains in the next few years). Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable adventure!

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Mt. Marami is so far the hardest I’ve been although it’s only a 3 over 9 trek, the same with Pico. The assault are the just too many and longer and steeper than others I’ve been. Moreover, you’ll need to pass by at-the-edge trails so be carefull with your bags that might get stuck in branches or bamboos to make you panick and jump off of cliffs. Hehe. Just be mindful of the assault. It will test your mental soundness as experienced by one of our colleagues. But the summit, just like any other mountains, offers pleasure, heart-pumping scenery and sense of achievement! Mother nature will always be an astonishment to my life!!

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Walking solo in the woods actually feels better. I know I was getting the time I asked for. And I know I was in the perfect place to contemplate and think about myself. This is the first part of my plan. The second will be in Davao. All I can conclude now is that hiking on the finish line of the year is an abuzz and absolutely a better year-ender! Happy New Year to all of you!