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I know, if not all, most of us have once told ourselves that we miss going back to school. We usually compare the stress and pressure of being an employee and the same for passing our classes. As a student, we often thought that we were on crisis during exams, research papers, and major projects; Only to realize now that there’s a worse situation to face at work. So, we iterate atleast once missing our student life.

I am one of you to say that but with another plus reason. What I totally miss about is simply the continuous learning I expect everyday. I know that everyday, something new will be introduced and interesting subjects will surely be interesting. I remember spending time in the corner of the library to research something on a physical book that can be found on the internet – reading about management and financial accounting, quantitative techniques, principles of marketing, etc. Or given a case to read about Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts’ market position and do a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Or create a project management time table for an exising project of a company. All these activities and all the rest not mentioned have made my student life, in fact, full of learning. 

When graduation comes, let’s admit that not everything we learn in school can be applied to where our positions are. So there goes another learning process which of course I enjoyed so much – it’s new and challenging to be in the field of sales. But what if someone stayed longer in that position, how can learning still curve up? 

I am not saying that I have mastered the art of selling. I just thought that in my experience of selling a product, it feels like everyday is always almost the same – you go to the hospital, visit a clinic, promote a product, leave. Nothing has ever change to that, not even the product itself. 

I remember one rainy afternoon after lunch, I was stuck inside the car doing nothing. I don’t know where to go. Funny is I don’t know what to do when I exactly know what to do. I feel tired doing the same thing that my brain resembles it to nothingness. It feels like my neurons have stopped replicating; worse, it might have slowly dying. 

This is the reason why I envy how learning has been as a student. You always expect that something new is up on the table as a student while at work, it’s you who will look for something to learn about. It feels like I have already stopped learning – the reason maybe why I get bored at work. Not that it doesn’t challenges me, but more of assuring myself that I should never stop learning so I can grow up and be better.