For the past few weeks, I’ve been preoccupied by work loads and pressures. Admittedly, sales isn’t doing well. In fact, there is decline. Any degree of brainstorming doesn’t immediately help to at least ease the heavy feeling that I carry everyday, every second of the day. Not much to say that it’s a big portion that direct my life. It is that, and most of sales people would agree with me, our sales performance defines who we are in the field and who we are in the eyes of the bosses regardless whether we did our best or not. 

The pressure pops out at home, and almost never in the workfield. I found myself throwing a big smile whenever I enter a client’s clinic or in the field – talk about so many things but not what’s preoccupying my mind. We never share stories of our back. Our smile is to keep them delighted with our presence. Our smile is to burst some positivity. Almost everyday, it’s the first thing the clients and other stakeholders will see in us. Our smile.

However, behind those smiles are stories of hardwork and determination. Before we wear those smiles are thoughts of what-ifs scenarios, thoughts of the essential things to be done to deliver our goal, and thoughts of fear and uncertainties of the future, of sales, of performance. 

We always wear that smile so we can give positive impression and in the hope of attracting positivity regardless of the situatin we are in to. Those smiles that nobody knows where it came from and what defines it.