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Photo credit to Red Agreda.

When I was still in university, I remember having a personalized tee with a print saying “I am blogger”. It was the time when almost everyday (knowing how much free time we have back in the days), I write anything I realize – from shallow and crazy thoughts to interesting subject matters in few of my classes. It was the time when blogging has seriously been a way of life to me in the university although it didn’t matter to me whether I have avid readers or none. I just wanna write and tag myself as a “blogger”. But for the past years I have that shirt, I have never worn it – maybe suffice not to call myself one.

However, I just love the experience of writing something and creating a story out of something you didn’t thought will ever exist from your mind. I continued to write so I can pull myself away from the world for quite little time. And those days was just me since only few of my friends take blogging seriously – until I met a group of passionate people who share the same interest as mine.

With Miss Litratista.

With Miss Litratista. (Photo credit to Red Agreda)

I was (finally) invited last May to join the Davao Bloggers Society, the premier community of bloggers in the Davao region, where my first attendance was their annual acquaintance party. I’ve known nobody in the group except this beautiful lady who invited me through facebook through a common friend who happens to be the host for the night named Chamee.ย  I didn’t exactly know what I’m gonna do when I first stepped in to the stunning vintage-looking White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge. I am a shy person in crowd especially when almost all of them knew each one and you’re a stranger to the eyes of many. I was lost for a time; even registering to sponsor’s attendance sheet instead of the bloggers – until Mommy Vanessa assisted me for the registration and the membership, the only time I felt quite relieved kasi finally may pumansin sakin. #attentionseeker :)

I sat beside Miah, who blogs about parenting, and had an interesting small talk about her life as a blogger and what it is like to be part of this group. Indeed, it’s different when you talk to someone with the same hobby as you do and it feels good.

Introducing the person in front of me for the getting to know game.  (Photo credit to Red Agreda)

Introducing the person in front of me for the getting to know game.
(Photo credit to Red Agreda)

Later on, we were grouped into four for the games they prepared. I belonged to group two and was with the future lawyer, Angel; the public relations officer of Marco Polo Davao, Sarah; the tech enthusiast, Faust; the videographer, Romeo; and the teenage kid in #myteenagekidandme Danaea. With this group, I know the night will be awesome and more exciting than expected.

And it did. When they told us that raffle prizes will be through hashtags in social media, I immediately posted my tweets with the help of fast and very reliable internet connection from Smart Communications. Through Smart, we have live-tweeted the happenings in the party and what kind of fun we were having and enjoying. Indeed with Smart, we can live more.

First prize I won, Tumbler. (Photo credit to Red Agreda)

First prize I won, Tumbler. (Photo credit to Red Agreda)

And through those tweets, I won the first raffle prize, a tumbler from Marco Polo, that I never expected because I carry a jinx in all raffle prizes I’ve been to. And then I won again, and then again and again and again until I felt so shy to receive another raffle prize I’ve won because I already got more than four when it was only my first time to attend the society’s activity. It seems like my luck pushed itself! Thanks a lot to Bulgogi Brothers, SM, Marco Polo Davao, Krispy Kreme Joy in a Box, Crocodile Park and Glamourbox for the gifts! It feels like a big winner to bring home these so many items with new friendships I got.

All participants also received free item from My Skin Essentials to lift everybody’s spirit every morning with their hand-made pore no more soap that contains the finest and purest certified organic ingredients that will surely purify and nourish our skin.

Aside from the mentioned above, we were so lucky to have free (almost unlimited) heaven-on-earth-feels Sans Rival and Green Tea Cakes from my all time favorite restaurant Lachi’s which I recently found out to be one of the best in the country (as published online).

Others include Sun Life Financials, Air Asia, Campaigns and Grey, TGIFridays, Italiannis, Eden Nature Park and Resort, Maxima Aquafun Resort, SM City Davao, SM Lanang Premier, NCCC, Martish Marketing, Alor’s Home Kitchen, Waterfront Hotel Davao and Annipie.

Travel Bloggers.

Travel Bloggers. (Photo credit to Red Agreda)

The party was indeed a proof that I am with the people whose passion for blogging is solidly supported by so many enterprises. I actually never thought that this event was so big to have so many sponsors. But it was and what an honor it must be for me to be part of them.

Newbies. (Photo Credit to Red Agreda)

Newbies. (Photo Credit to Red Agreda)

It has always been my wish to be part of a group like this. Though I’ve waited for so long, the wait was just so worth it especially to find it in a place miles away from home. To be surrounded with people whom you share the same interests with, it could have been easier to nurture and grow in a field you decided to stay with. I really look forward to more experiences together with them!

Lastly, I’d like to believe that the acquaintance party commenced another chapter of the journey I started six years ago. Six years of blogging more of personal stuffs. Maybe it’s about time to notch a level higher – about time to finally and proudly put that personalize shirt on.