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This morning, my senior (at work), who is also into Photography, phone called me to deliver a good news of big discounts in a camera store in downtown. I showed my interest to buy a tripod so we both visited the store. At the store, I am surprised that the discounts would go to as high as 50% to 70%; really enticing to buy an item. However, it made me think of actually buying the tripod.

It costs PHP5,800.00 including the grip. The original price was more than 10K, which is almost 50% off. While it puts star on my eyes, I declined, for now.

For the reason that, although it theoretically saves me 50% of money, in reality, I feel like I will just lose it because I do not have enough now. You can’t actually save money from the ones you do not have enough with; especially when you still have a month to budget it.

For the reason that, I don’t believe to credit cards and pay-later schemes when I’m in reason number 1. My senior told me to lend me money so I can have the discounted-not-discounted tripod. I refused because I know I am not saving money from money I do not have yet. In fact, I will just dig myself deeper in the long run when you come to think of it.

For the reason that, right now, I care more about my stocks in the stock market especially when the company I watch out is going down. It made me wanna invest more. So instead of spending, my heart is happier putting it in stocks than buying the tripod.

So I postponed buying the tripod; and it actually takes an effort to turn down such deal especially when you are surrounded by people pushing you to take it. Whenever I’m on that kind of situation regardless whether there are people coaching on what should I do, I always put time to feel if I am happy pushing it through or a single drop of doubt is present. Either way, the later is my judgement.