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From Cebu City, it took us less than 45 minutes to travel the place. The wharf, which is popularly known as ‘roro’ by the locals, is in the somehow secluded area of Municipality of Cordova where the road is in heavy traffic because of the public market alongside it. So for anyone who wanted to catch the sunset, go to the area at around 4PM so you can still manage to calm down and relax when you set up your stuffs.

I took the photo at 6:05PM when the sun has already set and the rays has burst its light behind the clouds of the sky. With an aperture of f/16 and shutter speed of 4 seconds at ISO-200, the stagnant boat (subject) and all the other object were captured in silhouette while taking only enough light to lighten up the background and at the same time, reduce the noise in the water surface.

As a result, I just captured a deafening moment of the wharf in Cordova where the boat just took their rest from a long-day work. It brings me then to the reality that at times, we have to rest from work. We all thought that after office hours will be our freedom from it but the truth is, while on bed, we still think about work.

It has been my note to self to take a break once every month, as influenced by words of Robert Kiyosaki, to reflect on what has been done for the past days and look at the future as how I wanted it to become. It helps to rejuvenate my mind and reset the negative thoughts that circling around me to start a brand new day. It’s like offloading the baggages that we carry for so long to fly with the wind as what life should be.

That is why I also engage myself to travelling alone. It gives me time to have my own time. And live a day from my own life… because taking a short break brings somebody to his peaceful life.