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I ‘m on the third row right from top. :)

At the President’s Elite Awards Night of Johnson & Johnson Philippines held last February 24th, the photo above is my only attendance due to, sadly, chicken pox. I was diagnosed when I was already in the hotel where the activities were held at. (PS: You better go to healthway clinic in Shang Plaza, just across the hotel, because the consultation fee is so so so expensive!!)

Anyway, my first year in pharmaceutical selling went well. Thanks to my (previous) boss for helping me achieve my numbers despite all the hardships and hurdles. He knows exactly how my first year started and how I was so depressed getting negative feedbacks from the big bosses. Thankfully, my boss kept his faith and trust to me allowing me to dig deeper to find out the kind of salesperson I am and therefore letting me soar higher.

I remember last year, I wrote about my goal of exactly what really just happened now entitled ‘Make It Happen‘. It was after our kick off meeting in Cebu where the whole team was then complete. We were all positive that we will make an impact and through cooperation and team work, we will make our goals a reality. Suffice to say, the entire team made it!

We made it happen!

For this year with the new boss and new teammates, I am optimistic that I will deliver the number with another siginificant growth. I know hardwork pays off and although I started the year falling short, the end is still far from reality and I am positive that it will turn around in my favor, of course with enough effort, determination and dedication in everything I do.

Although I have admitted how I hated the doctors as customers, I still look forward to  a better customer service for them. I know I am so palpak in terms of customer service but it is something I am working very hard to improve on and develop. I should deliver a better service because the patients need a product like mine – best quality, highly effective and safer than the rest. This year, I just wanted to focus on my potential patients through my doctors. And will work really hard to develop patient-centered approach in dealing with the customers.

This year, it’ll be all about touching lives, as the context of our credo – concern to patients, the doctors, and countrymen by delivering a product best for them. Sabi nga ng Gilas Pilipinas, “Puso!”