Aside from selling medicines, in my opinion, pleasing the customers, specifically the doctors, is part of a medical representatives duty. However, I have grown living a life that does not please other people. If I think that somebody doesn’t like me, I don’t push through making them like me. I don’t please people or even impress them. And for me, that makes me the worst salesman ever.

I know that my job is oriented to customer service which includes but not limited to taking the doctors out for dinner, or driving for them to somewhere, or bringing them some foods and gifts, or sponsoring their personal agendas, or the likes. However, I truly believe that there is more to customer service than that; something I can do that puts more value to my job and to the business I am into as much as giving the customers the value they deserve. Admittedly, I am in a different side of customer service than what the norm is that made me pleases nobody.

Although I envy some of the medreps who easily befriend their customers, I still don’t put efforts to do the same because I know I am not being myself and I know I cannot sustain the effort in case I tried for the first time.

I will understand if for some of the sales people in there will question my ability as a salesperson. However, I cannot do more than what I can and what I am now. That is why in simple words and in the industry I am into, I am calling myself the worst salesman ever!