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Before the 2014 ended, I applied for an account in BPI Trade so that by start of 2015, I can start trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange. For some of you, BPI Trade is the branch of BPI that takes hold as the brokerage for some avid investors in the stock market. Amongst the 30 plus only licensed brokers (which took me by surprise that only few were really licensed to operate), I chose BPI Trade because of two things: Convenience and trust to their customer service.

I find BPI convenient because they simply maximize the use of available technologies to meet customer satisfactions. Their online accounts truly make you work ‘in cloud’ with very minimal need to get in touch with physical beings. As such is their money transfer to anyone, real time updates, credit card and retail payments and then, of course, Stocks Trading. In BPI Trade, there are much information the users can have to analyze and make decisions more sound and credible. It actually helps me to decide which company to buy stocks and to which I should not. Though I haven’t tried to buy stocks yet because I am still on the process of studying my prospects but as I said, the informations in there greatly helps. Plus, there is no minimum amount to invest. Interested investors only need an active BPI account to start trading.

On the other hand, the people (or probably most) who works in BPI are truly customer-oriented employees. They are very accommodating, patient, polite, kind and have that smile in their face always. They address concerns immediately and guide clients to next steps of what needs to be done. And because of that, I trust that in anything I need assistance to in terms of my trading experience, they will help me with it just as how they normally do with their clients.

I am truly excited to finally come up with the companies I will invest at. But for now, I must study harder to make risk a little lesser and to make profit sound.