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In a few hours, the year will end and another one will give new meaning and hope to most of us. To some, new year is like a reset button which give them a fresh start and a clear mindset. While to others, the year to come is a bridge to new chapters of their journey towards their dream.

To me, 2014 has been a great year. Indeed, the best one yet. And what 2015 means to me is the hope of achieving my financial goals and my personal aspirations which God has already started showering upon me this year. The gifts and blessings I received is a whole year of Christmastide. And I believe these are, as well, opportunities I should not let pass by.

Anyway, here are some of the stories of my year 2014.

Career. My first full year in the pharma industry has been a blast. I am totally thankful for the opportunity that was given to me by JNJ. Truly, I never expected to be in selling because I believe I am poor at it and I admit that ever since I started in this job, I am the worst salesman ever! But then my luck pushed me in and now I consider this as a training and learning experience for my future plans. Although I have a lot flaws and disappointments, my prayers were still stronger than the strongest obstacle. Thank God for making me deliver the numbers for the year. His plans are indeed greater than ours. Thanks also to my boss for continuously believing in me when everybody already ceased. Thanks to those who ceased because it made me still believe.

Personal life. 2014 has also been a favorable circumstance to me in terms of my personal endeavors. And the greatest amongst is my independent life in Davao City. The first few months of my stay was really difficult. The choices of where and what to eat, how to do my laundry and the chores, who will wake me up in the morning, what to do on weekends, who shall I be with, are only few of the little problems I encounter that turned out to be big. Indeed, the beginning is always the hardest. However, just few months ago, I absolutely believe that I have totally adjusted. Yes, it took me so much time before I adjusted to this new life.

But this unprecedented experience taught me deeper about myself; that I can do things I never thought I could and that I am more than I thought I was. Indeed when you’re alone, your true self will show up and you’ll realize that it doesn’t matter what people knew about you. Instead, it’s how you know yourself that matters a lot. It’s another way of handling and accepting rejections, especially in the kind of world we are all at — where everybody talks.

On a little less serious note, the year took me to some parts of Mindanao to see what it has. The amazing adventures I had influenced me to explore it even further – from the wild river of Davao, the white beaches and clear water of Samal and Talicud Islands, the mesmerizing sunsets, the adrenaline booster extreme rides and sports, the Baguio of Bukidnon, the wide landscape of General Santos and Saranggani Province, the spots of peaceful places, to surfing the city of Mati upnorth. Plus, the adventures in Gigantes Islands in Iloilo, the Ruins and a lot more in Bacolod, and down to the Queen City of the South, Cebu. All these things made the year less than difficult.

Financial Freedom. The year also opened my mind to the idea of financial freedom. After reading the first collaborative book of Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, Why we want you to be rich, the unending possibilities and opportunities knocked in. It was like reaching the deepest of the sea; It made you discover the things you didn’t see and unknown. In five months, I have read four more books because it made me thirstier to learn what financial freedom is all about and how will I get there. In the same year, I officially committed myself to my journey towards it through the launching of my Green Lights Ahead page (Currently, I have 3 pending entries that I will finish by early next year). It is where my financial decisions, learnings, and success stories will be posted.

The year has truly blessed me in terms of finances. To some of my colleagues, they would often advice me to reward myself such as buying my own stuffs. However, it’s not my thing, shopping is something I am not interested at doing. I am an economical shopper, not impulsive, who buys something only when I need it. The kind of reward I understand is making myself out of the situation of majority – work for money. That is why I committed myself to pursuing financial freedom. All the luxury and lavish lifestyle is after the journey. After all, it should be the upshot of this commitment.

2014 will end with absolute gratitude. It helped me reshape perspective and discover a better purpose. It introduced me to the unbounded world of possibilities. I know that I should not let this pass by just how the wind swiftly disappears. I look at all of these as opportunities for the better. It had me taste the life I wanted. It should not be vomited. Despite all of these, I trust that the best is still yet to come.

To God all the glory and praises. Happy new year everyone!