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For the knowledge of most of us, BUDA is a short term for Bukidnon-Davao road. It’s the way connecting the two provinces. It’s popular for its Baguio-like weather. The temperature is low and the fogs, or maybe the clouds, are within reach. And of course, the view atop is priceless. Actually, the journey at the side of the mountain is the climax of every road trip to BUDA – it’s excitingly and fearlessly memorable.

What we did during stopovers?

First. We’ve tried the famous combination of Native Tsokolate, which really is a complement to the cold weather, and never-tasted-like-it-before Suman with Pinipig and (I thought those were) cereals for 65 bucks only. Seriously, everybody who’ll pass by BUDA should try it at the resto beside Seagull Mountain Resort and within the vicinity of the Phoenix Gas Station (Agh, how come I forgot the name of it).

Second. We had chillout wine bonding with pizza from Coco’s Grill somewhere along the road. Haha. We just bumped into a very very quiet place with a very nice view at the back of it. We were actually trying to chase for an overlooking area where we can just drink wine beside the car and enjoy the scenery below and around. Anyway, it seemed that we were the only people in that place and had a little forest trailing/trekking.

That is all. Below are some of the pictures taken during our roadtrip.

PS: It’s kind of unfortunate that when we went there, there’s moderate downpour which we thought the reason why there wasn’t much fogs in there. However, the adventure still went fantastic!