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In a pool of medical representative’s small talks, we have what we call the ‘babies’ of each respective company. Usually it is preceded by the name of a company then the word ‘babies’ after, like for example, ‘Unilad Babies’. We’ve learned to tag some doctors this way because of their ‘loyalty’ to a certain pharma company due to ‘sponsorship’ – personal and not – they usually received from these companies.

My co-reps started to name names of their ‘babies’. On my turn, I can’t enumerate even one because my employer doesn’t sponsor doctors in their conventions and other society activities and absolutely, no personal trips! But one of my good friend started to tell us doctors whom she believed are loyal to our products in which I immediately agreed upon.

At that time, I realized that even though we do not give a lot of sponsorship to doctors, we still get loyalty from some of them because they believed on the product and how it can better the life of their patients. I know that they care for their patients more than anybody else because they do not consider personal benefits and interest from what pharma companies can give to them. And that makes them a genuine doctor! They do not let personal things influence their profession and their decision to the wellness of people who needs their pure custody.

That also makes me prouder of being an employee of JNJ. I appreciated the fact that we don’t interfere on the independence of doctors to decide on the drug they will use through sponsorship. My job is fair ethical promotion and for me, that makes me learn more about the skill of selling. If I achieve my monthly sales quota, I believe it’s pure effort, determination and dedication. JNJ taught that to us – to produce ‘babies’ out of hard work through the art of fair ethical selling.