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Just early today while having my brunch, I was also updating my money jar – my way of monitoring my cash flow so I know how did I spend and save it (though I only adapted the term ‘money jar’ in a blogpost by http://www.foreclosurephilippines.com). After that, I started to read Francisco Colayco’s book ‘Wealth Within Your Reach’ which I got from the Pisobilities Caravan he conducted in Ateneo de Davao University, just yesterday October 25, 2014. He started the book by telling the story of how he started as an employee to being an entrepreneur and his ups and downs in investments. For the longest time, I’ve been dreaming of publishing my own book although I do not know yet what subject will it be or having been invited in a talk to share about a success story (I’m claiming it). While on that moment, there’s a sudden realization that I will not need to write a book to share my journey towards financial intelligence and freedom. Instead, I’ll have my journal/blog to be the witnessed of my roadmap to my now biggest goal in life, Financial Freedom!

That’s why I created this blogpost which is linked to ‘Green Lights Ahead’ page in the Menu. This page will collate all of my posts/articles about the ways I do towards achieving my goal such as the books I read, the money jar I created, the apps I installed, the journals and websites I subscribed on, the investments I invested and will invest on and all the learning towards this journey. And I hope that my experiences (good and bad) I will share will also help others to find their keys towards their own financial goals.

‘Green Lights Ahead’

I thought of naming this journey ‘Green Lights Ahead’ because it’ll have no stopping by. For most of the people who tried to get out of the rat race and failed for so many times, I have faith of never giving up. I know I haven’t so much had grave experiences yet that leads me to decision of giving up but with all the faith I brought with this journey, I will always do my best to learn and succeed. Indeed, a person who claims to never failed in life has not succeeded at all. Perhaps, most of these people haven’t tried anything beyond their horizon. They may be the people who don’t head down the street until all the green lights are on. We should not wait for that to happen. I truly believe that when we look and step forward with all the passion, determination and faith, we’ll see no red lights.