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In my experience as a medical representative for more than a year, one of the things I learned about is the art of accepting rejection. Day in and out, it’s the worst part to face. In more than ten doctors we visit everyday, at least one from them will unintentionally make you feel rejected. And you cannot maybe blame the doctors for having that feeling. Yet, you cannot simply blame yourself either nor can let your emotion win over your intellect and intention to help their patients be well. Myself just accepted the fact that it’s part of the job. Truly, the art is the acceptance of it and must not end on the mere feeling of being rejected.

I’m speaking on behalf of those who at least once felt being rejected by doctors, especially to a good friend of mine who just recently went through this stage. The first lesson to learn is actually facing the reality that not everybody will be pleased by you. The truth is, one of the battles to play at is the sharpness of charm. If it’s natural with you, there maybe no problem with getting the attention of the doctors and start building relationship with them. Otherwise, you gotta play on other battles.

This is my principle because I do not have that natural charm. And I suggest to play on other battle because it worked for me. However, the most important thing is you have to accept the fact that you cannot play on the battle most of medical representatives play at. Sometimes, what hinders a person to do better is when he is attempting to become somebody he is not. I am not a natural conversationalist nor a well-trained salesperson and so I do not have the armors to enter the arena where most medical representatives kept competing because I know I will not win, not even tied. But I am in the battlefield of selling, therefore I have to sell. And in order for me to sell, I chose which specific battle to play where my strengths are at.

And when I have accepted the fact that doctors will often reject me because of that less charm I have, it became easier for me to do my job. I was able to concentrate on what my plans are in order for me to still make them use my products. I learned to think from my emotion than to think with it because in the end you cannot simply let your emotion decide your future.

I haven’t mastered yet this so-called art because there were still times when I felt the rejection, however, it isn’t hard for me now to get over it than I was a year ago. My point is, the process of acceptance is a long one. But the longer you play with it, the easier you get through things that you just had experienced. And it’s you who’s gonna win. Whether you achieved your work goal or not, you learned the process of acceptance and you let nothing go over you and control your emotion and life. This beside as a harsh reality we most of medical representatives face, it’s a good exercise indeed for a person living in a world that talks much and who pleases.