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It’s my first time to attend the Kadayawan Festival this year and I’d like to say that I’m a proud Davaoeño already. It’s been a year living in Davao and the recently concluded festival was one of the best days I ever had. Never thought that this celebration will leave me hangover the bliss it had brought me and all the people out there.

Friday night was the start of the hype of the celebration as people gather to attend street parties all around. As I go around the city, the young and the not-so-young were busy on the streets. I can actually feel the noise like that of Christmas celebrations. Everybody were just enjoying the day and night like children into carols. Davao has never been busy like this since I came aboard in this awesome city.

Last Saturday was my YOLO moment. In the morning, I attended street dance competitions with 17 contenders. Kudos to all their overwhelming efforts to do such creative props and number. Some of them even gave me goosebumps while watching. The kids were merely enjoying the performance. I can feel it in their expressions. They’re happy doing that and for that reason, it gave the audience an experience worth keeping.

At night, I together with my workmate and his cousins and friends went to the first Spectrum Kadayawan invasion. That night was a night to remember. As the lyric of Kesha’s new song says, “let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young.” It started at 3PM and lasts for 12 long hours. And we never really felt tired until t’was done. Congrats to DJ Nix Damn P, Ace Ramos and others for the wonderful music. Despite the controversial ‘Hipon’ remark of Ramon Bautista, the party just went fantastic. If only every night would be like spectrum night…

On sunday was the float parade though I chose to missed it. My body just don’t wanna go out of bed as the party last night closed at three in the morning. But for sure, it was a very beautiful day as well. I saw in media coverages the colorful creative floats made both the big and small ones. Congrats to all who participated.

Truly, Kadayawan is a one of kind festivity. Congratulations to Mayor Duterte and the rest of organizers for the well-organized festival. More to that for a very safe celebrations because nobody attempts to pickpocket nor create deviant doings. Just after the festival ended, I craved for more to come.

Below are some of the photos I captured.