This is one of the heartbreaking words from patients to hear as a medical representative. It’s my job to see doctors everyday. And it happens to be part of my job as well to see patients and hear their stories.

While I was waiting outside a doctor’s clinic yesterday morning, a mom of late 40’s of age went out to talk to someone over the phone. I was eavesdropping. In her ‘teary’ gentle voice, she was trying to borrow a money from the person on the other line because she has no enough money to pay for the consultation and small procedure done to, I believe, her daughter.

It ground my heart. I know because we were once been in the same instance before. I completely understand the hardship of having nothing at all but have to pay for something because it matters your family. The ‘bahala na’ habit often saves the day but lasts only until tomorrow – And we do not care because what matters to us is the well-being of someone we love.

Those kind of stories make me feel more driven because I hope and pray that someday, in God’s time, I’ll find my way to help those people – to help them be better and live better. I still have a hope that the healthcare system of this country will get better; that someday, everybody will have better healthcare services and benefits. And no one will went out of the clinic teary trying to reach out other people begging for help.