With all the money that you have, sadly, breeding cannot be bought. I pity those people who do not notice how they’re slowly burying themselves below the ground; who already forgotten character as the most important aspect of life.

Someone, of late 30’s of age, would sometimes say anything negative about me if he’s in the mood to target me. Sometimes, he’ll do it in front of other medical reps for which I thought that he’s intentionally embarrassing me. Further, he would say it out loud. Oh sorry no, he talks aloud. He’s so loud creating so much noise in the clinics and hospitals.

Yes, he is he. A guy doing such immature gay thing. I also thought that he is gay at first. But my fellow rep told me that he has a family. For which I became curious about his style of raising his children. But anyway, I don’t wanna question that.

When I was new in Davao, I already knew that I don’t wanna befriend with such type of person. Because of that, I don’t deal with him and the rest of the same kind. All the hoops and disguises he jump through me, I just simply don’t mind – like I never heard it. Basically, he is bullying me. But I don’t buy that. I am a grown up man that suppose to stand on my own. And I’d like to believe that I am a peaceful grown up man, therefore, I don’t give my time to them just to ruin it.

I just like to put this realization that no matter what your status in life is and how many years you’ve been living in, breeding is either innate or acquired. It can be learned through experiences. Yet, it’s a choice of your own self.

As far as I can consider myself more mature enough than other people, I will humble myself. I don’t wanna fight back head on. My silence is my means of fighting back. My parents raised me to be a good citizen and I am living from that roots. None can buy that nor I would sell it for any gold in the bank.