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As most of all would agree with, change is the only constant thing in the world. Some of us will resist. But some will just choose to be its own agent. Truly, it’s hard to embrace change when it’s your fate that will matter. What the change will bring is uncertain relative to what it will become or what it will become not.

At some sort, I was surprised with the news my boss just told me over the phone just this afternoon. It’s all about the big (I meant extra giant) changes that will happen in our organization this coming July. In line with the organizational goal of the company, the management decided to restructure its business units. And everything will surely then follow.

My boss gave me some hints of what might actually happen after the restructuring. But what this implies to me is that there’s a higher – than lower – chances of having a new boss. This made me become anxious about…

Although I sometimes get pissed off of loads of reports and tasks that he requires from us, I would not ask for any other boss to be my boss than him. I know there are a lot more better than him but his compassion, principles and passion to make his reps become more competitive and better as an employee and as a person outshines other managers and their leadership style. Nothing beats a leader who knows how to listen and be an example to his people.

Also, I’m anxious about being part of a new team – with members employed for long years already and have way proven and tested skills in selling than what I have only become so far. It’s hard to work around with people whose level of intelligence is over and up the sky. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to someone new like me, however, I just believe that it’s way better to learn along with somebody who are also starting in the industry… just like my current team. This new team will actually put a lot of pressure on me to catch up and cope up with what they’ve already know that I have to learn.

My confidence also makes me resist this change. I guess I’m behind the expected curve of learning – that for me, only my current boss can understand. I’m afraid of judgement from new people, afraid of being outcasted, afraid of taking new steps to establish relationship with people, afraid of everything or maybe I’m just afraid of nothing.

After all, the change will happen. If time is the enemy, who will then win? Rather, the only thing we can do is to face it with all our heart and just simply stand up and be strong. I never really know what might happen but whatever it is, I’ll just lean on Him whose always beside me. With Him, I am never alone and will never get out of the right way. I would think that this has a purpose for me and the rest of the team to learn from – I’ll start from there and think of all the good things about this. So help me God!