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Whenever my boss will work with me every month (I meant fieldwork because of geographical distance between his base and my territory), he runs no ‘words of wisdoms’ to share; one thing I admire about him because of so much broader ideas he never runs out. And this one was the recent he shared with me just this afternoon.

The Parable of a Sower tells about a sower who throws seeds in different environments. First, he threw seeds in a rocky area where the seeds grew but never sustained because its roots has nothing to hold on to. Therefore, the seeds didn’t progress. Second, he threw it in a nutrient-rich soil but has a lot of weeds inhabiting in it. Thus, the seeds didn’t progress as well because of competition in the ecosystem. On the sower’s last attempt, he threw it in nutrient-rich soil, should I say a loamy type, where the seeds progress and thus bear fruits to harvest.

In a situation of a manager, there are three types of subordinates you will supervise. Those who are implanted in a rocky area are those who have grown up with people who cares about no one and nothing. Just like a rock, it still absorbs few water and few nutrients but for its own only. It never helps those who need it like the seed on this parable. He who is in here does not have anyone hand in hand but his manager, the one who implanted him to this unknown.

Those who are implanted with weeds are those who competes in a competitive environment. Just like a weed that steals nutrients from the seeds, he’ll be left nothing that hinders his progress. Moreover, in real life situations, there are people who will step down others to go up; who will compete unfairly to reach the top.

The last one is given – those who are in the right place will have a good foundation to start rising up. This is the environment we all want to work at. But it isn’t easy to identify such. Most often than not, you’ll determine it only when the result came out. But it isn’t too late for a manager whether some members of his team were implanted in the right place or not. This makes an important aspect of being a manager – how to renurture a subordinate from a misled path.

So what’s the point of this to me as a subordinate?

I’m just thankful that my Boss has this kind of thinking. I actually wonder where am I in this parable; did I actually make it to the good soil? But it doesn’t matter. The fact that my Boss thought of putting his team to the right place bothers me no more of where I am currently at. The important thing is he cares about our progress and future and how he want us to be as much as what we want ourselves to become.

PS: I tried to google this Parable of the Sower and yes, it really exists. In fact it’s in the Bible. But the story is different. I just thought that my boss’ version comes out from his own ideas. How creative he truly is.