This is Kurt (apologies but I have to blur his face). I met him outside a clinic in Davao Doctors Hospital. At first glance, I thought he looks just as cute as every child with green-framed eye glasses on as his (mom’s) fashion. But when I ask his mom if whether the eye glasses have grades, she shared with me that Kurt’s left eye has 450 grade while the right one is 400.

Mine is 125 both eye and it’s kind of difficult and feels uneasy to look at several things because of frizzy and undefined perception of it. What more for a 450-grader eye sight? And what’s even more to a 1 year and 9 month old child?

Yes, he’s almost 2 years old already. But physically, I thought he was only 8 or 9 months old. He speaks no words but sounds. He can’t walk yet. So it made me ask further what could have happened to him. I just like to understand why a very cute and happy child like him has that condition.

She then shared with me that Kurt has Cerebral Palsy and that’s when I realized Kurt’s eyes and motor function were affected.

It made me feel heavy-hearted questioning why the never-to-happen-again childhood experience was taken away from an angel like him. I remember telling Kurt’s mom that my nephew is as young as Kurt. And she shyly iterated that my nephew could have been tumbling and running and playing hard just like others. I felt her hopes to see her son doing the same and play with his friends. But I also felt her struggle.

At that time, what I can only offer to Kurt was a little happiness I can give him by playing with him while he was waiting for his therapy. And it made me happier whenever I hear those small laughter and see his smile on his face. It’s priceless. I pray that Kurt and his family will have a stronger and tighter hope and faith that he’ll have a better life he deserve. I also pray that his therapy will help him walk and speak just like a normal child. And lastly, I pray that Kurt, as an example, will become an inspiration to everybody. I hope whoever reads this will also offer a prayer for him. I have faith that all our prayers will be heard and will make Kurt’s life normal as others.