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When my work partner told me that we need to provide car servicing to some doctors from Manila for the Philippine Society of Anesthesiology (PSA) mid-year convention, I started to become anxious. Ironically, I understand that my work deals all the time with different doctors, but I felt during that time that I can’t contain myself inside a car with a doctor with me. I admit that I don’t have that consistent rapport with most of my doctors yet and it’s something I am challenged at. But I have to do this with all I can.

All that pops out of my head was that I don’t wanna give negative impression to the doctor I will fetch at the airport. I’m anxious about my driving from the fact that I’m just a new driver. But more to that was I don’t want us to be silent most of the time like a total stranger – like dead air wins over flowing water. What I meant is, I’m not so loud and talkative as a typical representative. I cram how to start a conversation and stutter when get on the hook. And what supposed to make me stutter was the fact that when I googled the name of the doctor I’m fetching, it turned out that she is the chairman of Ethics Committee of PMA. Like PMA?!? As in Philippine Medical Association!!! I felt intimidated.

Seriously, it’s some of kind of paranoia and maybe a little of phobia. So what I did to overcome it was not actually to face it alone but with the help of my friends (big thanks Noe and Alex!!!). They accompanied me fetching the doctor and actually requested them as well to manage the talk. When the time comes and to our delight, the doctor whom we all thought was intimidating because of her position in PMA wasn’t intimidating at all but so friendly and low-profiled. She was actually surprised that her name was placed on public after I raised my signage containing her name – and this started a good talk with her.

Thank God that this first experience of mine doing that wasn’t as bad as what I thought it will be. I’m maybe too paranoid to judge things that are up to. Just learned to just go with what will happen whether good or bad because most of time, I truly believe now, that will be a good one. Just like to thank as well the doctor I just met in the airport whose friendliness to people like us creates impact to my job as a medical rep. Thanks as well to my friends who supported me all the way. Thank God I made it.