Right now, I can’t sleep. I just can’t get out of my mind the boy who innocently sells broom in the drive thru of Jollibee near Davao Medical Center. On my estimate, he’s 10 to 12 years old. He waited for me for 5 to 10 minutes to open my window and buy one. But I didn’t. And I felt guilty.

At that moment, I can feel his desperation to sell all out. His eyes tells me, or maybe begs to me, to buy one of those around 10 brooms he carries with himself. But I didn’t and I felt guilty. And as I drove away and as he patiently waits for people who’ll buy to him, I felt even more heartless. It pounds me and ashamed of what I just did, or what I just didn’t do that I must have done. I should have bought. I must have.

I must have bought even just one. I could have helped him with his reason why he earns for a living in an early age. I could have helped his family. I could have helped him. I could have kept his hopes up that he’ll sell all of it. Better yet, I could have contributed to keep his hopes up. But I didn’t.

There’s just nothing I can feel but guilt. I pray to see that young boy again and do what I supposed to do, this time, with empathy and heart.