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While there’s a bad weather coming in Davao Region, it seems like it complements with my performance year to date. Sales has always been the most adventurous and exciting part of being a territory representative, yet, it can also be the most frustrating one specifically when it didn’t go your way. While so much effort has been made, I wonder why it’s still sick. “Isn’t it enough?”, I always ask myself.

I have projected my performance to end at decent 90%, however, as low pressure area transformed into tropical depression, it then went down to a ‘red alert’ status. There’s a big surge that transform it to something problematic. And as the month near its end (like 2 days before it ends), my hope in achieving that decent number drowned below flash flood level.

And as I get involved in this climate, my teammates enjoy a clear weather, to end the month with flock of birds dancing up high. Of course I am happy for them for performing better than before. I just felt that in the rat-race, I’m still shut-in the race while they enjoy the life outside – Like a weakling in a marathon.

Although I am some sort of depressed and disappointed and down, I am never losing my hope to the fact that, just like any season, this bad weather will come to an end. I am holding on to the fact that there’s a rainbow always after the rain.