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Team VisMin. From left are Milo, Joel, Boss Al, Sandi, Ica, Dudz, Myself, Migs.

Team VisMin. From left are Milo, Joel, Boss Al, Sandi, Ica, Dudz, Myself, Migs.

After confirmation that I passed the 6-month probationary assessment, it feels glad that I was given another chance to continue what I have started in my territory. I am positive that little by little, I am making an impact already. With that, let me just thank my boss for trusting in me for what I can do in the area I manage. I’d like to thank as well all those who approved my regularization. For me, it simply shows trust in what I can do for the patients and for the organization as well.

This confirmation became more special when, finally, our team is now complete. It just shows that we are indeed ready to face the battle of 2014. With teamwork and proper coordination, my hope is up that we’ll make our team and individual goals happen.

I personally am striving to be the best I can be this year and to give the best contribution I can to the company. Although I know that I’m far yet from becoming an ideal territory manager, but with full support and guidance, it’s never impossible to happen. As an individual who welcomes new learning, I know that there’s a lot to be learned from every patient, doctor, colleague, manager, and leader that later on will be resounded to improved quality of service and purposeful life as a territory representative.

This year has just started right because the previous year ended in its ‘strong’ momentum by achieving a 115% performance. Thanks to my boss for always reminding me that hardwork pays. T’was actually my first since I was deployed few months back.

With all these in mind, I hope and I pray that this year will be different – through significant growth both business, career and personal; through remarkable performance in patient and client service and sales; and a genuine and solid united as one organization. This year, I claim that, all these will happen.