20140101-192343.jpgTook this last sunset of the year in Prism Plaza Pasay City while having coffee in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It just tells me one thing: the year might have ended but the sun which always signifies hope will never fail to give hope everyday, after the sunset, to everyone, regardless whether it’s a year or decade that will end.

I am always fascinated with how the picturesque of a setting sun is being formed. Whenever I look at it, including all the things around me that are reached by the peculiar light of the sun when it sets, it puts me to realization that when this day ends, I will be faced to a brand new day full of opportunities with difficulties and challenges with hope.

This puts me to my point that it doesn’t need a right time to plant hope in us because in everyday, there is hope. It depends on us whether we want to give ourselves a better chance to live at its best. It’s about perspective. The outlook we see is our prelude for tomorrow. Thus, make that outlook full of hope.

Happy New Year everyone!