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View of Davao Gulf in little boracay called Boracacay.

I drove myself and my boss to Digos City last Friday. The city is more than 50 kilometers away from the downtown proper of Davao City through McArthur Highway and didn’t thought that it will be my first driving experience ever. Yes, that was my first time to drive ever in my life and so I was faced with some dilemmas throughout.

…such as driving in a heavy and accident-prone area where there are a lot of heavy-loaded trucks.
…such as the hard-headed drivers who can’t bear my 60kph speed within the highway so tries to overtake me often and would horn as often.
…such as the under construction roads where we have to share lanes and follow a give and take policy.
…such as the rocky roads where I would often forget to decelerate so it gives us a thrilling ride.
…such as the misconstructed roads where when you get out of a bridge, you’ll be immediately facing cars head to head.
…such as the impatient drivers from the opposite traffic whom would use your lane from the other side to overtake despite double solid yellow line and solid white in-between and will be surprised that I was coming on way.
…such as the overly crowded tricycles in Digos City where everyone has no coordination because there is no traffic light to regulate. As I would describe it, they’re like a colony of ants being disturbed.
…such as my wrong overtaking process where at some point get in-between of a pick-up and a tricycle and we’re so close to each other.
…such as taking more than two hours in the road from a supposed to be an hour ride because of my 60kph speed.
…and so on.

Despite all these things, it was all good and enjoyed that long drive.

But let me just highlight that along our way back to Davao City, we found a place called Little Boracay or Boracacay. It isn’t a beach with white sand and you can swim and have your skin tanned. Maybe they just felt that name. Anyway, it still is a beautiful place to relax from a long drive. We had our coffee there expecting a native one but not but then the place doesn’t need any type of coffee to fit in the atmosphere. The view and the fresh air are just enough to feed us. Not so sad thing is, it is in the East coast of the Philippines so we can’t expect a sunset falling in a gulf.

It was a great day indeed and I was hoping for more to come. :)