At The Marco Polo Hotel.

There are so many reasons why everyone has to be thankful with the lives they were given. It’s true that it’s tough and not all the time will give us happiness. Sometimes, we are on the darkest of our life. But just like a night with its moon, light will never leave us until dawn.

I just celebrated my 21st year of life. Looking back, it’s never easy for me to live in a story like this – full of challenges and difficulties, living under so many pressure and facing unending worries and ifs and buts. But with the way my parents raised me, I am thankful that so far, I’m nailing it! And to have come this far, I believe all others will still be hard as it is but in the end will get through it. Although I know that I might not still be yet in the peak of my life, I believe that every single day prepares me for the giants, both the best and worst.

But whatever may come, I know I have nothing to worry about for I have a God beside me and will never leave me. This is one thing I thank about for so many years. Because of difficulties I encounter and each time I’m at the lowest, I become closer and closer to Him. And each time I get out from it and see my hope, it makes me even more closer to Him. For that reason, I’m confident and always ready to face every single second of the day. In the first place, I have my faith that He has plans to prosper me.

At this point, I just like to thank everyone who greeted me on this special day and spend some time with me to make me feel that I am not alone. It’s quite sad to wake up in the morning with no greetings coming from my family but it’s all gone when I received a video message from them later that day. Thanks to everyone for the generosity, effort and love. Thank you Lord for all the blessings and challenges You provide. You just never forget and left me. And thank You for making me a better man every single day.

God knows that I still have a lot of dreams and wishes to come yet into existence. And He knows that everyday, I will ask for it. :)