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I understand that it’s been frustrating to see our countrymen, who were affected by the recent typhoon, not receiving enough relief goods and medical support from our government over the last five days. I understand that everyone of us wants to help these people as everyone in the typhoon-stricken area are already starving to death. I understand that everyone of us can do something to help these people. So maybe, let’s stay focus to that.

It’s a saddening situation to see people blaming one another when it will not direct us to our main goal of saving the lives affected by the typhoon. Will complaints make the relief goods reach the wrecked-homes of the people? No. So what then it does? Nothing. It’s a mere complaint that trends in twitter and other social networking sites that shows to the world how the president and the national government responds unpreparedly to this disaster. Will a negative tweet make any good? No.

My point here is this (and my opinion as well). We can’t simply blame the government for any hurdles they are encountering in delivering goods and other support to the people. There are surely obstacles why it is happening. Whatever it may be, I trust that it will be resolved the soonest. And I hope, you as well trust the government and other NGOs on how they will reach to the people.

We can’t simply blame others for something we do not exactly know what causes it to happen. In the first place, we are just sitting in front of the TV watching the news about how the government ineffectively addresses the immediate need of the people. And we can’t just judge them. Why don’t we try to put ourselves in their shoes? What probably are we gonna do? As what my boss told me before, ‘when you present a problem make sure you come with you a solution’. So maybe it will be a good practice as well for us to come up with something we think will answer to the problem we are also raising up. Other than demanding the government to do their job right, I rather give them a support in doing their job right.

Because It’s hard to think of a solution when everybody around are already putting away their trust from you. I believe the Aquino Administration is already under intense pressure right now because of so many allegations and negative reports, locally and internationally, about their disaster response. Admittedly, it’s true and is a sad thing but let’s put our hopes up that the soonest possible time, our dear president and his group will find their way to efficiently and sustainably serve the people.

At the time of crisis, no other men will empathy with us in as much extent than our fellow Filipinos. So rather than blaming one another and criticizing our leaders and their actions, we better give them the courage and support to whole-heartedly live their mission with them for the people because so many of us depends on them while we, as an individual, do our part to this time of uncertainty. At this point, it’s only understanding and trust that will unite all of us.