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Not because we were hit by an extraordinary typhoon does it mean that the world simply ends. It’s a distinguishing trait of Filipinos to be pliant like a bamboo. Yes, we grieve because of the devastations over a number of cities and islands in the country and lament over a number of people who lost their lives and living, but it is through this time that we learn from each other and unite as one that shows our concern towards humanity.

Life keeps going – a thought that most of us will concentrate on to easily move on and forward. Truly, our life will not end unless there is no tomorrow. And we, as one, will not let others to stay behind as we move forward. By any means and little things, we will help each other and put back that smile that once everyone wear before the calamity roar.

This is my simple way of doing that. I know my countrymen need much of basic neccesities to live day by day. But more than anything else, I’d like them to know that everyone, including myself, is praying over them. That above all else, there is God with them and to remind them that we have a father and king over all calamities we may encounter.

I dedicate this song and video, from youtube, to everyone affected by the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). I understand that this time is the hardest to everyone but this time will simply make us closer to our Father. With him, there is nothing to fear and worry about, just be still for we know that He is God.