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After the video became viral for the past weeks, the blind filipino girl who beautifully and innocently sings controversial Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus already catches the attention of The Ellen Degeneres Show. This good news just made me happy for the girl and her mom that their dream is now becoming possible.

Truly, even differently abled people have the same chances of becoming who they wanted to be just as how others strive for it. By simply putting our heart in the things we do that we love, there’s a greater chances of becoming ย the person we want us to be. I believe that we will never go wrong when we use our life rightfully and for a purpose. Who we are right now will not matter for as long as we keep an eye to the dreams we have built for ourselves and for the people we love.

This girl is a big inspiration. I hope and pray that everything will be fine in her visit to The Ellen Degeneres Show. Soon, she’ll not be just the girl in the viral video but will be another pride of every Filipinos.