It’s my first time to spend All Saints and Souls Day alone and away from my family. Reminiscing the days, I used to just visit some loved ones in the cemetery and have some sort of reunion as well with other members of my small family. At home, my mom often serve Ginataang Halo-halo (what’s that in english?) and I don’t really know why we have to have such ‘small celebration’. I’m just used to it without asking why to serve such in this time of reminiscence. And now I wonder if other folks do the same, don’t you?

I also play with my nephews with the candles lit outside the house and we’re often been scolded by my mom of playing over it and I being the pasimuno of this kalokohan. But then, I just enjoy all the laughters with my little pamangkins.

Often times, holidays were usually spent with my family. But since I am now living independently in Davao, it has to be different now. And so spending this holiday is just a simple movie time with a very good new found friend of mine. (The movie is Thor, by the way.)

I just miss the old days…