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My previous team at the national conference at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel.

Earlier today, I got a surprising phone call from my previous boss kind of updating me about the changes in the company were I previously worked in. As surprisingly as it is, she told me that she, together with some members of the team even the big boss, was part of the redundancy that the company immediately announced. The other members of the team will be grouped with the other business unit.

So what this means to me? And does it have any impact to me?

Yes. Going back to the days when I was still working with them, what if I enjoyed the load of work? What if I loved so much the responsibility that was assigned to me? What if I was contented with the things I have and received and learned from that experience? What if I didn’t get tired of repetitive tasks? What if I didn’t aim for a challenge and growth? What if I listen to advice of others more than my instinct? What if I didn’t aim for a better future? What if I decided to stay in the company?

I could have been part of the layoff and could be have been stressed looking out for a living.

This time, I am completely so sure that what I did was indeed a good decision more than just believing that it really was when I wrote this blogpost ‘I believe I made the right decision’ a few months ago about my resignation. While I sympathy over this happening to the team, I feel more relieved that it didn’t happen to me at the start of my career. A good instinct and confidence to what could happen really matter in making a good decision.

But definitely, I’d like to thank God for helping me find the right way to my journey. If I didn’t take time to pray and ask for His guidance, I could have been in a different situation now and writing a different story. God really never left me by always guiding me in every decision I made and go with me to the paths I am going in.

I’d like to take this chance as well to thank and pray for my teammates. I saw their picture last night having dinner at our boss’ house and they look just as happy as they were. This team helped me start my career by teaching me the skills I am using now in my current job and by continuously challenging me to do things out of the box and go beyond my horizon. With them, everyday is a learning process both about my professional career and my own choices in life.

Time will come that each person will go separate ways but life has full of intersections that one day, each of us will cross at the same time. See you team!