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Thanks to this little boy for that sincere YESSS!

I just like to share this simple happiness I have right now from the good news I got a little earlier. After I have successfully included my product in the hospital pharmacy of my biggest account, day by day I always ask any of the pharmacists and clerks if how is this new product moving and day by day I become disappointed that no single tablet is being dispensed. This consequently shows that my promotion may not be as effective as it supposed to be… until today.

When I visited the pharmacy around 7PM today, they told me that 12 tablets were being sold as of yesterday, and this made me happy that gradually, my effort is making sense. My hardwork is starting to payoff. It may be small but no big things come naturally. They always start from a little one. With that, I am praying that this will continue all the way and will reach its ultimate purpose – to help a larger group of patients.

Thanks to my doctors who joined me to believe on what this product can do to the patients. Thank you Lord for the good news and blessing. You have never left me.