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In dealing with so many people you see everyday, surely, there’s a greater chance of someone to have friends as much as having people who won’t like him/her – and I don’t understand why is like that for we know for a fact that we didn’t do any wrong in approaching and trying reaching out to them.

Presently, that thing challenges me anyhow. There are just people who treated you different from others and it’s so obvious how they act in such way. It makes me think for a little some time what could be wrong about myself, in things that I do when in fact I’m just doing my job as it is expected to me.

For a quite some time, it’s just a big question that I’m not really seeking an answer. As long as I am living my purpose of being in here, I believe I will never go wrong. No matter how people will treat me, friends or not, as what my boss told me before I was assigned here, I will just be myself and do the job with compassion and commitment by not letting others negatively affect and influence myself. In other words, I will not sleep out in the rain so others can fit in the tent. The chances are given to those who are deserving of it.

But for the people whom accepted my presence, thank you so much for all the support and friendship. Thank you for the praises and all the things that make me become motivated to strive harder and make an impact to other people. Thank you to those who believe in what I can do and in my potential. And thank you to the people who always make me realize that my job is more than ordinary. Maraming salamat po!