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It took 10,000 failures for Thomas Alba Edison to successfully invent a light bulb. After a dozen rejections from publishers, an eight-year-old daughter of a CEO has to beg his father first before J.K Rowling’s first installment of Harry Potter got published. And, Oprah Winfrey has to be born in frightful and filled with horrible abuse and abject poverty before she became who she is now.

Along the way towards our dream, failure could frequently exist. Just like Edison, J.K., and Oprah, someday all the things we gone through will make sense. Just never give up.

I still believe on the fact that the hardest part is the beginning of every journey. It’s qualified to say that I’m still on the learning curve of selling and I am positive that soon, I will get it the right way. And I’d like to thank my immediate supervisor for keep on training me to be a good one, for believing that I can do it.

As I always tell myself, I will always give my best in everything I do. I may be having a hard time for now, but it doesn’t mean that I am giving up. In situations like this, stories of success from different people make me realize that there is no reason to give up when you love what you do. Someday, these hurdles will make sense. This is just the start where the hardest part is.