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We don’t really know what might happen to us someday, tomorrow. I still clearly remember that Thursday afternoon when I got confirmation from my trainer that I am ready to be deployed. I immediately packed my things and went home to spend the remaining 2 hours of my stay in Manila before my flight of nine in the evening of the same day. Things really went so fast that in just a matter of some hours and sweet waves of goodbye, my life started to revolve farther than I used to.

I’m now a 10-day old independent Davaoeno of the south – I prepare my own get up, buy my own food and personal stuff, budget my money, wake up on time, look for something I can’t find, get ready my laundry, clean up my own room, and make sure I bring with me my ID and phone. All these things are used to be someone else’s task for me, however, I have to learn it to avoid messing up my day. And I am happy that God’s way is this for me to learn a side of life I didn’t thought will be mine.

My stay so far is pretty much okay. I enjoy the place so much because of its light ambiance. It isn’t really crowded, polluted at maingay. I’ve been in Jack’s Ridge already where there is a coffee shop named Karl’s Coffee and is overlooking. I took the exotics durian coffee gelato and mangosteen flavored coffee which are really okay. It’s really a nice place to chillax and some sort of ‘unwind’. Also, I’ve been in Seagull Mountain Resort where all I enjoy is the fog along the road. All are fantastic experiences in Davao, and I know there’s a lot more to look out.

When it comes to work, I believe I’m still adjusting, still on the learning curve. This is different from what I had before. I have to talk to a lot of professional people with different personalities and behavior. Based on the first week I had, some were really pleasant to converse with, some were not, some I supposed don’t listen, some had no reactions, some are intimidating, some rocks, some makes me stutter, and some are yet to find out.

I’ve been meeting other representatives from other companies as well and I can sense that there’s really no competition in here. Even my direct competitors give tips when it comes to dealing with doctors – what to do and not. And since I’m new in the area, they also help me recognize my doctors. Thanks to them for all the help especially my partner in work for a very warm company. I hope nothing will change para Happy palagi. :)

But whoever people I meet and what kind of person they are, I’ll manage to stay on why I am here in Davao with this job at this time. I hope and pray that I’ll be given a lot of strength and passion with this endeavor. All is well, I always tell myself. Indeed, all is well.