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Training for almost 5 weeks had been difficult and fun. I’ve learned a lot from it and faced a lot of challenges. For a short period of time, I felt like a student again. There were quizzes, exams, some sort of recitation, and the most difficult of all was the oral final exam. Very tough as I have to understand the products, diseases and conditions, anatomy, phatophysiology, pharmacology, regulations, etc. Finally, I was able to survive and now ready to face the real challenge in Davao.

In a broader view, there were 2 challenges to face as I enter this new chapter:

First, the job itself. Although it’s a dream come true to be part of a sales team, this is my first time to be working in the field and deal with so many professionals. It takes a lot of extroversion to build strong relationship, and that is something that I need to work on being in between of an introvert and an extrovert person.

The knowledge about the product and disease will always be a challenge especially when talking to doctors who already knew these things more than I do. And so continuous learning will always be present. I hope and pray that at least one, if not all, will help me understand, and contribute to, their practice and help their patients be well.

Second, my territory assignment. Changing from one place to another would also mean adapting to the culture and tradition of the place. Though its not really that far from what I am used to, but there are certain things that would make it difficult for me – primarily, the language. Although Davao has been a Tagalog-speaking region for quite some time, I know myself that I have to learn their language for it is I that needs to adjust, not the people around me.

More importantly, working far from my family makes this event more challenging. This is the first time that I’ll be staying away from them, for an indefinite time. But I understand that life is just like that. There are opportunity cost in every benefits. What’s important is I’m doing this for them, for us.

I landed in Davao last Thursday and started to work just last Monday. Still adjusting but I’m very positive that soon, I will enjoy a lot my job and will contribute compassionately to the lives of people of Davao.