There are things in life that we thought will last for long. When such opportunity came in, I decided to stay for long and spend the days with all the learning I will have throughout my decision to stay. However, as much as I want to look at the positive side of what is happening to me as a result of that decision, I have come to realized that it’d be better to quit for now.

I already tendered my resignation at Merck. It was absolutely very difficult to think about. It took me quite some time before I came to this decision. And when I realized that I already wanted to quit, it was much harder to tell it to my bosses whom I learned so much about pharma industry and how noble it is to work in such organization.

There were people whose telling me why do I need to resign in a very good company as Merck and more from the people whom have interviewed me for a new job. In the Philippine market, Merck is really one of the fastest growing companies, very reputable, existing for a purpose and living with mission to help the world be well. But there is really no perfect job and perfect company for an imperfect person. It doesn’t exist. I decided to leave for few reasons but the very root of it was for the fact that I am not happy anymore.

I believe what will make people decide to stay for a job is when they know themselves that they enjoy what they’re doing. That despite too much pressure and politics within, people still take the challenge of working under such environment by concentrating to what they do that they love. I learned that having a job by itself won’t make people satisfied but having a job that puts more value to himself as a person.

When I was able to talk about this to my boss early this week, there is some sort of relief I felt. The feeling becomes lighter and as I fathom it, I am happy leaving my team and the company. I am not concluding by believing that I made the right decision.

I do not have assurance yet that I’ll get a job very soon although I am already looking at a company that I believe will help me put value to my job and to my person as much as I put value to them in the market for the people as a reputable and inspirational organization. I am positive that all will be fine. Hopefully very soon, I’ll be able to write about a new direction to my journey in life. But what’s important right now is I am happy with the very hard decision I just had.