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Even the fact that sometimes I feel not okay in my current company, I’m still thankful for the opportunities my manager has given me like opportunities to be exposed in core business meetings of the top management team, exactly the experience I had before the week ends.

Since my senior analyst was on leave for a vacation trip, who usually attends sales meeting every week, I was assigned to take over the responsibility. My role was to just present sales update and forecast for the month, while my boss was the one delivering it to the team (consists of Directors from different departments). But even I don’t really have so much role during that meeting, I felt very uneasy.

It was my very first time to meet the top management group in a meeting. When we were about to go to the room, it was kind of the same feeling I had during my thesis defense. I can exactly remember how I sort of stutter in a greeting and saying welcome to a thank you. Parang ewan lang. The feeling is totally different coz I know they think 1000x than I do and any mistake can be seen 1000x zoomed in. I was secretly sweating in an airconditioned room.

On a more serious note, I was just thankful that I was able to glance how intelligent business people talk to each other, an experience for me which I believe is kinda rare for fellow officemates on the same level of position to get involve with. It really became an inspiration for me to work harder and harder so in any given time, I would be on the same place like them.