I just woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. Nothing or no one really disturbed me from sleep. It just happen. It’s 12:01 AM on the clock, a minute just passed to say hello to another morning. I’m not really annoyed even though I know that I still have to wake up early to attend office and a whole day meeting. 

Maybe because I love the timing when my eyes opened and heard nothing and no one but my radio. It was very peaceful, the exact reason why there’s good in good night. We know that all our loved ones were all sleeping safe and sound. And we were able to think of a lot of things that only makes life more meaningful as reflection keeps going. 

It’s just different. There are moments when we just think nothing and only stare at the ceiling and wait for the silence to break and yet gives enough rest internally and later on we didn’t realize we fell asleep until another peaceful night had passed.