Several months ago, I’ve had a lot of dreams I want to achieve as I graduate in college. I was simply excited of how things will go as my hopes were so up that everything will always be well. Those days actually made me become more determined because all I want was to gradute and start my career I planned for myself.

But realization came that not all good things you did will always go okay in the future. Some kind of good investment turned out to be worst.

I just feel I don’t deserve where I am now. I feel like I deserve more than this. I may not be as good as others but I think I have measured myself enough to think that I deserve better. I know it sounds big-headed but should I really stay?

It has always been a question to me that for couple of weeks from now remained unanswered and just made me feel down and frustrated. I tried to look for another job but none seems to be interested in employing me which made me more and more frustrated and depressed.

So this is reality? It’s just so hard to accept and live with it everyday.