Today was my remarkable first major mistake at work. It bothered me a lot from the time I realized it until before I went home. There were things that just popping out my head thinking of the consequences it constitute towards my work. I was tensed thinking that I may be scolded and blamed which may leave an impression against myself. I know at that point that the quality of work I provided would be in question no matter what.

It just puts me to realization that committing mistake at this stage at work shouldn’t be an option to learn things right, unlike how I run away from mistakes when I was still in the college and slept with it to start a brand new tomorrow as I woke up. Or there is my professor politely correctiing in written form the mistakes I committed in assignments and paper works. However, those red inks do not matter much to me in a personal level since I often take it as a measurement of how I know well the things we have learned.

Today is just different.

You can’t just allow yourself to commit mistake to learn what is right. As much as possible, we want to do the right things right and simply learn from it regardless of how deep or how shallow your understanding about it.

I am not being too hard with myself. I just don’t want this thing to happen again because I hate the feeling of being in a hot pan frying.

I was just thankful that first, my bosses were very understanding and that they don’t make feel blamed as much as I know myself that it was I to be blamed. Second, that it was resolved for just within the day. Thanks to Ms. Cez who actually find a way to split this bothersome away from my not-so-good day.

I have learned. I promise not to do it for the second time and anymore.